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At Accurate Strategies, we will navigate your campaign from start to finish.

Accurate Strategies’ tactics focus on mitigating weaknesses, minimizing threats, promoting strengths, and discovering opportunities. Under our guidance, you can readily take aim and meet your campaign’s marks. Our formula involves using advanced analytic tools and technology to find supporters, establish a base, recruit staff, increase awareness, collect donations and win.

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Congratulations on deciding to run for public office. The strength of character to take a proactive role in governance is a key attribute of all great leaders.
The exploratory phase is the preliminary stage of a political campaign. Accurate Strategies’ exploratory committee will analyze your eligibility as a candidate in this stage, when we will evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, enabling us anticipate attacks, prepare defenses, and seize opportunities.

Building Your Campaign

Our exploratory committee’s research indicates that you are a strong contender to take responsibility of this important office. Phase two is the foundational stage of your campaign, when Accurate Strategies will help refine your message and create your logo, website, social media accounts, and printed correspondence materials. This phase also involves making official press releases, submitting public relations memos to print and broadcast news journals, and producing introductory campaign ads.

The Race: Primary and General Elections

You have been introduced to the voters and the data has shown that our efforts have accelerated the flow of donations, volunteers, and strong supporters. But this is not the time to relax or celebrate. Our researchers have found evidence of a hard-hitting, personal attack ad that is going to air during prime time in the weeks ahead. With Accurate Strategies’ cooperative media program, we will create an insulatory ad campaign that will rally the public in your support. Near the end of the race – amidst the fury generated over the airwaves – our staff and volunteers will be hard at work fortifying your support network, persuading undecided voters, and connecting unregistered voters with their state board of elections down to the very last minute of the race.

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Graphic, Web, and Multimedia Design

Communication and Public Relations

Direct Mail Correspondence     

Social Media Strategy

Fundraising and Event Planning

Electronic and Written Communiques

Grassroots Coalition Organization and Outreach

Campaign Office Setup & Management

Staffing, Insurance, and Payroll

Rent and Utilities

Crisis Management

Opposition and Issue Research

Focus Groups and Data Analysis

Broadcast TV and Radio Advertising